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Scranton-based hip-hop artist Dulla is no stranger to diversity. Growing up in Northern Philadelphia, he faced the everyday struggles of inner-city living. He quickly became a storyteller, feeding off inspiration from the music his parents would play at home- from Anita Baker to Freddie Jackson. As he became more aware of his surroundings and thusly more socially conscious, influences spurned from new hip-hop artists Nas and Mobb Deep. He quotes, “(They) really gave me a push because the songs they wrote spoke to the lifestyle I was living.” After surviving life-altering challenges, Dulla began working on his first mixtape in 2007. In the subsequent nine years, he has released a total of seven solo projects, as well as an album with the group Trogang. Trogang, created alongside producer C-Lo Records, began in 2010.They have been working diligently to create a loyalty movement within their local area, with branches into nearby large cities. The dynamic duo has been involved with local radio stations and non-profit organizations, creating a strong sense of community between their supporters, while attracting new followers each step along the way. Dulla has performed in a variety of venues everywhere from his current hometown of Scranton to NYC to his birthplace of Philadelphia. His high energy performances engage the crowd, and he strives consistently to step every show up to another level. His smooth style adds soul to his gripping rhymes, while an internal grit backs up his convictions. With the flexibility to perform alongside multiple genres, Dulla brings an element of truth to every performance that is as equally impressive as it is enlightening.

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